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Who am I?

I'm glad "you" asked. I'm a professional human and actor with a passion for performing - whether that's on stage, on screen, or at otherwise classy social events. I hold a BS in Theatre from Skidmore College, and recently earned an MA in Classical Acting from LAMDA and an MFA in Physical Theatre from the Accademia dell'Arte in Arezzo, Italy. Additionally, I have studied improv at Second City in Chicago and both UCB and The Magnet in NYC.


What do I do?


When I'm not receiving fancy pieces of paper, I act, write, and do improv and stand-up comedy. I am also a violinist/fiddler, professional mask-maker, and trained acrobat/tricker. So if you need a guy to do flips in a mask while playing Vivaldi, I'm your guy.

Fun Facts:

- I'm a total comedy nerd.

- I enjoy learning TV/Movie theme songs on the violin in my spare time.

- I am unabashedly in love with puns.

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