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Making My Primetime Debut on History Channel!

So excited to have my first TV role in the bag, playing "Gummy" in the season 2 premiere of The Food That Built America on History Channel! For a minor speaking role, this character ended up developing quite a bit. Originally my character was simply "Dominick's Employee," but that changed the moment I stepped foot on set and the director Brad ( took me aside to ask me if I could blow a bubble with gum. When I said yes, he proceeded to describe the shot he wanted of me opening the oven to check on the pizza while blowing a bubble. He then had props provide me with as much gum as I needed and nicknamed me "Gummy." And like gum itself, the name stuck.

A couple months after shooting what was supposed to be my only speaking scene, I received a call from casting about coming back to shoot a new scene. This time I appeared in the script as "Gummy," so I just asked production if they could officially credit me that way and they kindly obliged. After all, a nickname looks a lot better on a resume than a general "employee."

Pardon the cliché, but like Stanislavski once said, "There are no small parts, only small actors." I made the most of my part, and because of that I made a good enough impression to be remembered, given a name, and even entrusted with another scene. I became a relatively big part of the story line for a character with no actual historical significance. Ultimately this was a great learning experience and first foray into TV, even if my jaw hurt for 2 days after from all of the gum chewing... Click the image above to watch stream the episode free on History Channel's website or check it out here.

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